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Creating Your Seller Profile

Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. You are encouraged to present yourself in a professional manner.

If you are selling for the first time, go to Start Selling. If you are an existing seller, just go to Profile Settings.

To fill out your seller profile:

Step 1: Personal Info

  1. Fill out your full name.
    Note: This information will remain private.
  2. In the Profile Picture section, add an image of yourself.
  3. In the Description section, introduce yourself to the Freelancer-Projects community.
  4. In the Languages section, select the languages you speak and your level of fluency.
  5. Click Continue.
Step 2: Professional Info
  1. In the Your Occupation field, select your expertise.
  2. In the Skills section, let your buyers know your skills. These may be skills gained through your previous jobs, hobbies, or even everyday life. You also have the option to suggest skills.
  3. In the Education section, select when and where you attended college. You also have the option to suggest your diploma if it's not listed.
  4. In the Certification section, listing your honors and awards can help you stand out from other sellers. You also have the option to suggest certifications.
  5. In the Personal Website field, enter your URL.
  6. Click Continue.

Step 3: Linked Accounts

  1. In the Linked Accounts section, link your social and professional networking accounts to your Freelancer-Projects account. You may select more than one.
    Note: Your personal information will not be displayed to the buyer.
  2. Click Continue.

Step 4: Account Security

  1. In the Email field, click Verify Now and continue with the process.
  2. In the Phone Number field, click Verify Now and continue with the process.
  3. When finished, click Continue & Create Your First Project.

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