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Saved Payment Methods

Saving your preferred payment method allows you to make purchases quickly and easily.

Using PayPal

You can connect your PayPal account as a saved payment method, to checkout faster, without having to fill-in your credentials every time.

To connect your PayPal account:

  1. In the payment page, select PayPal.

  2. Mark the checkbox next to Remember me for fast checkout.

  3. Click Continue.
    You will be redirected to PayPal. Follow the instructions. Once your payment is approved, your PayPal account will be connected.

To remove your PayPal account from your saved payment methods:

  1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Account Settings.

  2. Next to PAYPAL FOR PAYMENTS , click Remove.

To pay with your connected PayPal account:

-          Within the checkout page, click Single Click Payment.
Your PayPal account will be charged instantly.
There is no login required.


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