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Shopping Cart FAQ

The Shopping Cart is a feature to assist buyers to purchase services in bulk. This will allow buyers the opportunity to purchase multiple jobs from one or more seller at the same time. Sellers can direct their buyers to use the Shopping cart feature to arrange for the payment of orders that the buyer and seller agreed on. Here is a list of common questions and answers related to the Shopping Cart feature: 

Q: Who should be able to see the Shopping Cart feature?
A: All users 

Q: Where can I add items to Shopping Cart?
A: On the Project page only. If an order is active and not delivered, ordering Project Extras from within the order page will still have only the order now option. 

Q: Will I still be able to just "Order Now"?
A: Yes. There are two options - Add to Cart + Order Now. 

Q: How can I pay for the items I added to my cart?
A: Currently, you can check out with Paypal, your available Shopping or Sales balance, Bitcoin, and Credit Card. 

Q: How will I see my order after I paid for the items in my Shopping Cart?
A: Nothing will change in that aspect. Each item added to the cart will create a different order. You will be able to find all orders under your "My Shopping" page. 

Q: What happens if I click the "Add to Cart" button several times for 1 Project?
A: This will create several items in your cart and will not group it by the Project.
Note: This will also create several separate orders.

Q: So, what should I do if I want to have a quantity order?
A: Add the Project to the cart and then change the quantity within the Shopping Cart feature quantity arrow buttons (^ and v signs). 

Q: Can I remove items from my cart?
A: Yes. An "X" sign will appear at the left of the item. Clicking on the X will remove it from the shopping cart. 

Q: Can I add/remove a Project extra to/from the cart?
A: Not yet. You can only remove a whole item.

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