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Viewing Shopping Analytics

Viewing your shopping statistics is available on the Shopping Analytics page.

To view shopping analytics:

  • Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Buying > Analytics.

In the Shopping Analytics page, you have the following details:

  • SHOPPING BALANCE: This is the money available in your account for purchases.

  • AWAITING REVIEW: These are orders, which have been completed and are waiting for you to provide a review of the seller.

  • OPEN ORDERS: These are orders you've recently made and are still in process.

  • COMPLETED ORDERS: These are orders, which have been delivered by the seller and accepted by you as a completed order.

  • FREQUENT SEARCHES: This is a list of the last five searches you've made. Each search term is a clickable link.

  • SPECIAL UPDATES: This is an area for special updates or news from Freelancer-Projects.

  • ONE CLICK PAYMENT STATUS: This is the status, whether you have this activated or not. 

Note: You can view where you purchased orders by looking at the map. Placing your mouse over the countries will show you how many orders you've placed from that country.


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