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Accepting Deliveries

Once your order is delivered, you can accept the order and provide feedback, decide whether or not to display the delivered work on the seller's Project page (work samples area), share on social networks, or you can request revisions if you are not satisfied with your delivery.

To accept a delivery:

  1. Once logged in, click the Dashboard icon.

  2. Within the TO-DOS section, find a completed order and click Rate Now.

    Note: You can access your deliveries in a number of ways, such as within emails or notifications.

  3. Within the Order page, click either Request Revision or Accept & Review Order.


  • After three days, your order will auto complete. If the order autocompletes, you do not have to leave feedback.

  • If you click Request Revision, you can just write a message to your seller and explain what you would like revised.

To request a revision and add comments within an image:

  1. Click Request Revision.

  2. Within the message box, click Add Comments.

  3. Click a specific place within the image.
    A message box is displayed where you can write your comments.

  4. After each comment, click Add.

    Note: Each comment you enter will have a corresponding number, starting from 1.

  5. Click Save Comments.

  6. In the message box to the seller, specify any other details you would like.

  7. Click Submit Request.


  • After the message is sent, both you and the seller will see “Delivery Comments” within the message. Clicking it will open the image comments you sent to the seller.

  • This feature only supports JPG and PNG file formats.

To accept and review an order:

  1. Click Accept & Review Order.

  2. You will see three questions for you to answer, based on a five-star rating system. See Providing Feedback.

    Note: You cannot complete an order without leaving feedback. If nothing is done, the order will autocomplete three days after the delivery date and marked as completed. 

  3. In the Tell Your Story! message box, you can share your order experience to the community. 

  4. As a buyer, you can add or remove a work sample to your review. To remove the work sample, click the (-) button on the top right of the work sample thumbnail. The thumbnail image will be greyed out.

    Note: By default, the (+) button is on and the work sample will be displayed.

  5. Click Publish Review.
    You have the option to share your delivery on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, or by email.

  6. If you are satisfied with your delivery, you can leave a tip. In the LEAVE A TIP field, select an amount or you can click Give a Custom Tip and enter an amount.

  7. In the message box, you can write a personal message to the seller.

  8. Click Tip Now.


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