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Working with Milestones

We recommend using Milestones when working on larger, more complex projects. Milestones ensures you will receive payment for the tasks you completed during the project, in turn allowing buyers to establish trust in your services and work in steps to ensure satisfaction.

Milestones can be used when sending offers. For more information, see Sending Offers.

To use Milestones:

  1. Within your custom offer, select Milestones (for orders over $100).

  2. Fill out a name for each, along with the time it will take you to complete this Milestone, and the amount you would like to charge for it. You can have up to three Milestones per project. On the Final Delivery, you will need to submit the full project for delivery (after your last step in the project).

  3. Fill out the rest of your details and click Submit Offer.

    Buyers will be charged for the 1st Milestone when placing the order and then for future Milestones they will be charged again automatically for the next Milestone each time they choose to accept a delivered Milestone. 

    If the Buyer chooses to stop an order (they can do so after each Milestone is delivered), you will be notified not to continuing working on future Milestones. 

    After the entire order is marked as completed, whether it was stopped by the buyer, or finished, you will be paid according to the Milestones completed. For example, if the buyer decides to stop the order after two out of three Milestones have been delivered, the order will be updated to "completed" and you will receive the payment for two out of the three Milestones.

Note: The Milestones feature is not available for all sellers, and in all categories.


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